Judo is a modern Olympic combat sport, a martial art and a form of self-defence. It is a full contact fighting sport that involves throwing and grappling techniques. Devised by Jigoro Kano in 1882, judo made its first appearance at the Olympic games in Tokyo in 1964, and today Judo is the second most participated sport globally with millions of people practising worldwide.

People practise Judo for all sorts of reasons, including competition, fitness and for social reasons. For those who practise regularly, there are many benefits such as improved co-ordination, agility, balance, speed and strength. Players develop good self-discipline, confidence and respect for those around them and their own abilities. As a martial art they learn a proven means of self-defence in addition to gaining mental toughness, emotional control and better communication skills.

This is what one of our judoka’s parents has told us, which shows the possible impact of judo.

“I have seen my son’s confidence, coordination and skills grow significantly since starting judo. I have been really impressed in how the club is organised and how he has learnt skills in a very fun way. My son really looks forward to and enjoys going to his judo sessions.”

“As an occupational therapist I know how beneficial judo can be to individuals, and incorporates proprioceptive activities which help to develop attention, body awareness, coordination and confidence.”

“In the last year my son has really enjoyed each session as Andy Ede makes everyone feel part of the club as a team. It’s a fun, learning environment where our son has gained great confidence and life skills which he will use in his future. He has been able to show these skills at the friendly Randori mornings challenging others of the same size and ability and within a friendly structured well-run group. Keeping within the timings which is an added bonus.“

Judo is an activity that is suitable for all. At Westcroft Judo Club children can start from the age of 5 upwards and is an excellent sport for boys, girls, men and women, of all shapes and sizes.

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