Westcroft Judo CIC / Club

Westcroft Judo CIC/Club are implementing the new General Data Protection Regulations & are updating our policies accordingly.

Due to the new regulations we will be simplifying all our forms to only collect necessary information, below we have listed all the areas that we gather members personal information and would take this opportunity to make everybody aware of how the information is used, stored & shared.


Any information collected by us is used for club purposes detailed below, information will not be sold to any agency whatsoever and only shared with those outlined below. Should anyone wish to know the policies of those with whom we share information please contact them directly.

All personal information is kept as hard copies & not loaded to or stored on any data system, except for information being shared (outlined below) & email addresses which are used for contact purposes.

In the event of child protection issues, we will share information with all agencies as necessary.

Club participation forms

These forms are used to collect general information about participants, name, address, contact numbers, emergency contact name/number & email address. These are used for club administration purposes & updated annually, the information will be used as and when needed. This information is securely stored at club officials home, they are taken to and from each training session and are not shared, unless required for incident, accident or child protection matters.

Randori League

The entry forms for the randori league are used for organising the event, contacting members about the event, cancellation or time changes etc. & for bookkeeping purposes. These are securely stored at club officials home and not shared.

Photography and video are permitted at this event and may be used for club advertising, the club website and social media platforms.

Participants results, names & age group will be published in the form of a league table, this will be as a hard copy and online, this is for informational purposes.


The grading forms are used to collect the information required for students to grade & for bookkeeping purposes.

Students who successfully pass a grading examination will have their name, age, licence number & grade shared with British Judo Association head office & British Judo Southern area grade registrar, this is for grade registration purposes.

Information shared with BJA & BJA S/A is then stored/shared under their policies.

Accident & Incident forms

As in all sport there is a risk of injury, in the event of accident/incident a form is filled in, collecting information about those involved & circumstances, these are securely stored at club officials home & are not shared, after 5 years they are securely disposed of. In the event of an injury where medical attention is required, details of the injured person & anyone else involved, along with all relevant information will be passed to BJA Head Office, BJA insurance centre & RIDDOR, this will also apply to any witnesses & the first aider and stored within their policies.

Term & Easter/Summer camp forms

The term forms are used to collect the information required for club administration & bookkeeping, they are securely stored at club officials home & are not shared.

The summer/Easter camp forms are used to collect the information required for administration of the camps, these are taken to the camp each day for emergency contact details and then used for bookkeeping, these are securely stored at club officials home are not shared.

London Youth Games & club entry to competitions

Information collected for entry to the LYG is shared with LYG through the fixtures live website to enter students into the event, the forms are securely stored at the team manager/coaches home. They are then used on the day of the event and then securely disposed of. Information shared with LYG through fixtures live is then stored/shared under their policies.

The above policy applies in the event of club entry to competitions, in addition to bookkeeping requirements.