Competition at Westcroft Judo ClubIt’s great that you’re interested in starting judo and we want you to enjoy your first class. To make this easier for you we’ve listed the important things to do beforehand.

  1. As it’s your first time please contact us to check availability.
  2. Arrive 5 minutes before your class is due to begin.
  3. Wear soft clothes with no zips or buttons.
  4. Wait quietly until you are invited on to the matted area.
  5. Take off shoes, sandals, etc and socks before stepping onto the mats.
  6. Always put on footwear as you step off the mats.
  7. Remove any jewellery/metal/hair clips or fashion accessories before class.
  8. Long hair needs to be tied back with a soft hair band.
  9. Check your fingernails and toenails. They need to be short. Long nails can cause injury to you and your partner.
  10. Be showered and have excellent personal hygiene.