Westcroft Judo Club Trophies and Medals

Award categories for 2023

The Calderon Cup - Best Adult Newcomer

Calderon Cup

Best Adult Newcomer

Peter’s contribution to Westcroft Judo over the last 20 years has been immense. As any Adult Beginner will know, Peter is an outstanding coach, who takes control of all our adult introductory sessions, ensuring a thorough entry into senior judo. He is also a vital part of our Junior programme.

The Mortimer Cup - Best Male

Mortimer Cup

Best Male

Gordon Mortimer, 7th Dan, was our Honorary Club President 2003 – 2004.  He was a great friend and mentor of Andy and extremely well respected within the Judo World for many, many years, Nationally and Internationally.  Sadly Gordon passed away in 2004.

The Petgrave Cup Best Female

Petgrave Cup

Best Female

Eric has been part of Westcroft Judo for over 20 years and is an outstanding leader and Coach.  Our Youth and Senior players have massively benefitted from Eric’ s drive, motivation and passion for Judo.

The Ede Cup - Best Ippon

Ede Cup

Best Ippon

Mick (Andy’s Dad) is the Founder Member of Westcroft Judo and without his relentless hard work and total dedication to the club and the sport, Westcroft Judo would not be what it is today.  His outstanding leadership and considered ideas set the club on a path to excellence.  Westcroft Judo was one of the first to introduce age appropriate banded classes, which has proven instrumental in our players long term development and success. Also he was Andy’s coach.

Westcroft Judo Club Trophies and Medals

Westcroft Judo Club Trophies and Medals

Here are all the Westcroft Judo Club trophies and medals.

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