Golden Eagle Randori League Table

The Golden Eagle Randori League gives all club members the chance to develop judo skills and confidence in a competitive event, as well as creating volunteering opportunities for our youth members. We aim to run four events per year, with each judoka getting three randori (sparring) against players of similar age, weight and grade.

Points System
1 Randori Win = 3 points
1 Randori Draw = 2 points
1 Randori Loss = 1 point
3 Ippon Wins = 1 bonus point

The aim is to gain points from each randori event to reach the colour-banded targets. Each time you move to a new band you’ll receive a certificate, a wrist band and a Judogi badge. When you have reached 100 points you will receive a bespoke Golden Eagle medal.

Golden Eagle Hall of Fame

NameReached in RoundDate
Hannah Ede1116/09/2018
Jackson Page1211/11/2018
Kelsey Fitzpatrick1211/11/2018
Zak Williams1320/01/2019
Daniel Rhodes1320/01/2019
Rebecca Ede1320/01/2019
Mikey Kingwell1431/03/2019
David Gheorghiu1431/03/2019
Meda G Hamilton1515/05/2019
Jacob Johnson1722/09/2019
Ethan Johnson1810/11/2020
Arthur Burrows1919/01/2022
Teddey Ede2003/07/2022