This syllabus, effective from 1 April 2008, supersedes all previously published syllabi. All previously taken theory examinations for 7-18 Mon are no longer valid. A pictorial guide to the new (effective 1 April 2008) syllabus is available online by clicking on the grade below, or and click technical and then gradings. Players are expected to revise for their next grade at home, especially Japanese words, etiquette and names of techniques. Red, yellow and orange grades are tested each term in class. Green, blue and brown grades are tests twice a year (June and December) in class and dates will be advised well in advance.

Promotion within the Mon grades is based on technical knowledge and understanding, together with Japanese terminology and supplementary knowledge. There is no contest requirement in the Mon Grade syllabus however there is a progressively structured Randori element at the higher grades, where at the highest level, Randori is based on open skills.

For grades up to and including 9th Mon, gradings must be completed within the candidate’s club and can be examined by the same coach that instructed the candidate. For 10th Mon and above, gradings may be completed within the club but candidates may also grade at Inter club, area promotion examinations and at any other event such as a Technical Training course. For these examinations, the examiner must be a different coach/examiner to the one that instructed the techniques.

With regular study and training, the judoka should be able to complete the syllabus by the age of 18 (the keen judoka may complete it as early as 15 years of age). It is, however, vitally important that all they follow the progressive study of techniques detailed in this syllabus and attempt promotion to ext grade at regular intervals.

All judoka are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their technical development as they progress through the grades and it may be necessary for them to undertake supplementary study and training in addition to that which is available at the juokas club. Study of the BJA Technical Grading Syllabus (TGS) and other resources will be highly beneficial.